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Body sprays: a review of funds

Why is it necessary

Like a wide variety of cosmetic products for body skin care, the spray is designed to moisturize and soften the skin, as well as to give it a gentle and unobtrusive aroma. We all know that there are also body creams, but their main difference from sprays is that the latter are applied much faster and more convenient. In addition, after the spray, the skin does not stick, the product is absorbed instantly and you no longer experience a feeling of dryness on the body.

Very often, sprays are applied after bath procedures or the pool for the best hydration of the skin. Also, most cosmetic brands create special sprays that not only soften your dried skin, but also relieve irritation, for example, after epilation or sunbathing.

It is elementary to use any skin care spray, it is enough to spray it on the skin and rub it in smooth movements at a distance of 15 - 20 centimeters.

Types and features of choice

Many cosmetic companies create a wide variety of body care products that will not only restore the skin, but also make it beautiful, healthy and give a feeling of freshness.

One of the most popular types are perfumed body sprays. Unfortunately, the effect of their fragrance is not as long as, for example, the same perfume, but such sprays have not only a pleasant aroma, but also a moisturizing effect.

Spray - mist has a special perfume composition, which is revealed in a special way on each person, in addition, from its use you will also receive unsurpassed nutrition and hydration. In fact, this is the same perfumed spray.

Also on the shelves of cosmetic stores you can also find sprays - deodorants, which most often give the skin a pleasant aroma and a feeling of freshness. They have a tonic effect.

Any representative of the fair sex heard about sun-protection sprays. They are designed to protect against harmful UV rays and photoaging from prolonged exposure to the sun. Most often, such products are used before sun exposure, but various brands offer the most diverse products - spray for or after tanning.

Oil - body spray is the favorite of many ladies around the world. It not only has a wonderful and nutritious composition that moisturizes the skin, but also makes it perfectly soft and fragrant.

The nature of aromas

Each representative of the fair sex prefers a certain smell. Many sprays are available with the most diverse, and sometimes unusual flavors.

The main rule: if you use, for example, a floral spray for the body and want to sprinkle with perfume, then they should be from the same series or with a floral aroma. So that the smells "do not contradict," but complement each other.

For tender and cheerful girls who love the delicious and sweet aromas of summer, various berry options are suitable, for example, raspberries, cherries, strawberries or strawberries. A combination of raspberries and mint will be very successful. It will give the skin not only a sweet, but also a refreshing, invigorating aroma.

For lovers of soothing and unobtrusive aromas, it is better to pay attention to sprays with the aroma of green tea. Green tea will give you a sense of calm and tranquility, as well as the pleasure of velvet skin.

Lavender spray will help you relax. Ideal for use on the body before bedtime. Not only moisturizes your skin, but also due to its delicate aroma will help you fall asleep faster. A very interesting and "tasty" option can be found at Oriflame, called "Figs and Lavender."


Most women personify holiday sprays for our body and mood. After all, excellent hydration and aroma cannot but rejoice.

Many girls advise to buy sprays from Mary Kay, which combine both perfume and deodorant. The product contains a special complex that neutralizes the smell of sweat from the body, as well as useful plant extracts rich in antioxidants.

Bath & Body Works sprays are also in great demand among the fair sex. They not only nourish the skin, but also give it a slightly perceptible shimmering shine and a pleasant aroma. For yourself, you can definitely pick up something interesting. In the line of brand sprays there are a wide variety of flavors for every fastidious taste.

Also mostly positive reviews for Victoria's Secret Sprays. Girls note the amazing persistence of aroma on the body compared to other brands. In the brand line you can find fresh, warm, floral and fruity - floral aromas.

The blogger talks about these sprays:

Do not forget to take a closer look at Body Resort products, where you will find sprays of natural ingredients in the composition with a very pleasant smell. A great option would also be the purchase of Belita spray, it is designed to deeply moisturize the skin, but also cover your body with a pleasant veil of an unusual aroma.

Also, a huge variety of body spray sprays can be found on brands such as Faberlic, Avon and Oriflame.

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